Today in Labor History June 18th

Labor History June 18th

The American Federation of Teachers issued a charter to the St. Paul Federation of Women Teachers Local 28. One year later, they issued a charter to the men’s teachers’ local. Both locals participated in the first organized teachers’ strike in the nation in 1946. – 1918 Union leader A. Philip Randolph met with President Franklin Roosevelt about … Read more

Today in Labor History May 16th

Labor History May 16th

1,600 woodworkers in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, went on strike at seven sash and door manufacturers for better pay and union recognition. – 1898 Congress passed the Sedition Act against radicals, leading to the arrest, imprisonment, execution and deportation of dozens of unionists, anarchists and communists. – 1918 The Teamsters initiated a General Strike for union recognition … Read more