Today in Labor History – April 8th

Labor History April 8th
Emma Goldman

The 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, banning chattel slavery, but allowing a continuation of wage slavery and the forced labor of convicts without pay. – 1864 128 convict miners, mostly African-Americans jailed for minor offenses, were killed by a massive explosion at near Birmingham, Alabama. While the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, which occurred … Read more

Today in Labor History – March 28th

Labor History March 28th
Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman Emma Goldman was arrested for giving a lecture on contraceptives. Goldman believed that knowledge of and access to contraceptives was key to women’s ability to control their own bodies and thus their social and material well being. – 1915 Members of the Gas House Workers’ Union Local 18799 began what was to become … Read more