Today in Labor History October 3rd

Labor History October 3rd
Woody Guthrie

President Theodore Roosevelt met with miners and coal field operators in an attempt to settle the anthracite coal strike, then in its fifth month. It marked the first time a president had personally intervened in a labor-management dispute. Three weeks later, the miners agreed to settle and accept recommendations made by a commission appointed by Roosevelt. – … Read more

Today in Labor History October 1st

Labor History October 1st
Los Angeles Times Building

Twenty-one people were killed when the Los Angeles Times building was dynamited during a labor strike. Anarchists were immediately blamed. The McNamara brothers were kidnapped and taken to the private home of a Chicago police sergeant, where many labor leaders believe they were tortured. They were convicted based on the testimony of a third individual … Read more

Today in Labor History September 28th

Labor History September 28th
IWW Demonstration

The International Workingmen’s Association is founded in London.  It was an international organization trying to unite a variety of different left-wing, socialist, communist and anarchist political groups and unions.  It functioned for about 12 years, growing to a membership declared to be eight million, before being disbanded at its Philadelphia conference in 1876, victim of … Read more

Today in Labor History – September 27th

Labor History September 27th
Wreck of the Old 97

Textile workers struck in Fall River, Massachusetts, demanding bread for their starving children. Approximately one in six children between the ages of 10 and 15 was working during the second half of the 19th century, primarily in textile mills, print shops, coal mines and factories. –  1875 [click_to_tweet tweet=”STRIKE! – Textile workers in Fall River, … Read more

Today in Labor History September 25th

Labor History September 25th
Lewis Hines

American photographer Lewis Hine was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform. His photographs were instrumental in changing the child labor laws in the United States. – 1874 [click_to_tweet tweet=”Lewis Hine was born, African-American sharecroppers strike,  and John Howard Lawson was born.” quote=”Lewis Hine was born, African-American sharecroppers … Read more