Today in Labor History May 21, 2020

Labor History May 21st
Minneapolis General Strike

Italian activists and anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, widely believed to have been framed for murder, went on trial today. They eventually were executed as part of a government campaign against dissidents. – 1921 The Minneapolis General Strike by the Teamsters Union commenced, with a pitched battle between striking Teamsters and business goons. – … Read more

Today in Labor History May 5, 2020

Labor HIstory May 5th
Harlan Country

The National Typographical Union was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was renamed the International Typographical Union in 1869 in acknowledgment of Canadian members. When the ITU merged into CWA in 1986 it was the oldest existing union in the U.S. – 1852 The Knights of Labor struck at Union Pacific against wage cuts and won. – 1884 … Read more