Today in Labor History – February 11th

Labor History February 11th

“Unrest” in Wisconsin 500 Japanese and 200 Mexican laborers united to form the Japanese-Mexican Labor Association (JMLA) in order to fight the labor contractor responsible for hiring at the American Beet Sugar Company in Oxnard, California. They refused to work until their grievances were addressed and by the first week in March, over 90% of … Read more

Today in Labor History – February 6th

Labor History February 6th

General Strike A strike by shirtwaist workers, primarily immigrant women and girls, in Philadelphia’s garment sweatshops ends. Despite mass arrests, intimidation, scabs, and media blasts against them, the workers refused to back down until their demands for improved working conditions, reduced working hours, increased wages, and union recognition were met. – 1910 [bctt tweet=”The Seattle General … Read more