Today in Labor History May 20, 2020

The first American public school was established in Dorchester, Massachusetts. – 1639 The Railway Labor Act was enacted in the wake of strikes and federal seizures of the railroads. The law guaranteed collective bargaining rights to railroad workers. – 1926 9,000 rubber workers went on strike in Akron, Ohio. – 1933 Steelworkers at Jones and … Read more

Today in Labor History May 19, 2020

Labor History May 19th
South Amboy, New Jersey docks

An explosion in Coal Creek, Tennessee killed 184 miners. – 1902 Ten people were killed when coal company officials in Matewan, West Virginia, tried to remove striking union workers from coal company housing. They sent in agents from the Baldwin-Felts detective agency who evicted several families before trying to hop on a train out of … Read more