Today in Labor History May 22, 2020

Labor History May 22nd
Eugene Debs

Eugene Debs was thrown in prison for his role in the Pullman Railway Strike (also known as the “Debs Rebellion”). – 1895 White firemen on the Georgia Railroad struck against the hiring of blacks. A New York Times correspondent reported that there was much violence against the black firemen, coming not from the strikers but … Read more

Today in Labor History May 19, 2020

Labor History May 19th
South Amboy, New Jersey docks

An explosion in Coal Creek, Tennessee killed 184 miners. – 1902 Ten people were killed when coal company officials in Matewan, West Virginia, tried to remove striking union workers from coal company housing. They sent in agents from the Baldwin-Felts detective agency who evicted several families before trying to hop on a train out of … Read more