Today in Labor History May 9th

Labor History May 9th
William “Big Bill” Haywood

A coal mine exploded at Roslyn, Washington killing 45 mine workers. – 1892 Striking tram workers blew up a tramcar during riots in St. Louis. – 1900 Japanese workers struck at Oahu, Hawaii’s Aiea Plantation, demanding the same pay as Portuguese and Puerto Rican workers. Ultimately 7,000 workers and their families remained out until August … Read more

Today in Labor History – April 20th

Labor History April 20th
Ludlow, Colorado

10,000 demonstrators celebrated textile workers’ win of a 10-percent pay hike and grievance committees after a one-month strike in Lowell, Massachusetts. – 1912 The Ludlow Massacre occurred in Colorado. National Guards opened fire on a mining camp during a strike in Ludlow, Colorado, killing five miners, two women, and twelve children. By the end of … Read more

Today in Labor History – December 4th

Labor History December 4th

Walter Reuther The National Federation of Postal Clerks was chartered on this date. – 1906 President Roosevelt announced the end of the Work Projects Administration (WPA), concluding the four-year run of one of the American government’s most ambitious public works programs. It helped create jobs for roughly 8.5 million people during the Great Depression and … Read more