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One thing I’ve learned as a Union Organizer is that if it’s not happening at the local I’m working, then I either don’t know anything, or very little about it. Outside of our own little world, and major emergencies (Wisconsin …) we are just not that informed of what is going on in the rest of labor. To help me keep track of thing, or feel a bit more attached to the Labor Movement as a whole, I’ve created three different Twitter List.

AFL-CIO/Change to Win is a list of the National, State, Regional and local CLC’s of the AFL-CIO and Change to Win. When I set this up, these accounts were actively posting. There are 64 accounts at the time I wrote this.

National Labor Unions is a list of active National Union accounts. This list is only the National offices and not locals. There are 56 accounts at this time

Local Unions is a list of Locals that have active accounts (posted in the last month) at the time I wrote this. There 263 accounts on this list

I’m working on a Labor Leader/Activist list but it is much harder to do. Twitter is not a search engine and the results of using it’s search can be useless, providing accounts that have not been used for years or just plain useless. So give me some time and I’ll add that to the mix.

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  1. I’m very happy to have found this, my grandfather lost a finger working in a factory when he was nine, the unions are responsible for nearly all the rights and privileges enjoyed by working folk today. We have a long struggle back if this county is to be saved from itself.

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